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With A Toast, He's Telling Me It's Time...


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Date Created:9/13/04
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Lauren is an opinionated bitch. She is a loner by nature, but does have a few very close friends. These friends, she keeps extremely close.
Strengths: Intelligent, Sophisticated
Weaknesses: Doesn't know when to shut up.
Special Skills: Picks up any instrument and can play it. Also, a talented writer.
Weapons: Sharp tongue
Motto: "I'm not good with empathy, would you settle for sarcasm?"

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Tarot Cards
A girl stands alone in a sea of ears with feet
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card of loneliness. She is surrounded with people of like minds but does not allow herself to know that. It is the loneliness of the mind.
Reversed: Grief, Loneliness, Heartbreak
Element: Wind

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Chang Wufei is Love

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Gabrielle Christian is "WTF SHE'S 21 AND OMG STILL ADORABLE!!!!" Love.

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Mandy Is Sex On A Stick Love.

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Spashley is "Knowing What You Want And Being Comfortable Enough To Go There" Love.

Tori Amos is Love.